What’s behind the famous Mexican Alebrijes? The story begins in Mexico City, where Pedro Linares is dedicated to the manufacture of “juditas”, an occupation that has been inherited from his family. He is not very successful in sales and drowns his frustration in alcohol. When he returns home, after another bad day at the marketplace, he has a sudden heart attack. He wakes up in a strange world and meets Raccoon and other beautiful yet monstrous animals. Pedro will have to fight Ciervo Calavera to understand that his creation and courage will be the key to beating him. To represent those fantastic animals: the alebrijes.


Director: Lui Salas
Genre: Animation
Original title: Alebrijes
Country of production: Colombia
Year of production: 2019
Length: 12 min
Color: Color
Screening format: DCP 
Original language: Spanish
Subtitles: English, French




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