Coming out of a long and unjust imprisonment, Dr. Carlos Espejo rediscovers feelings that he had long forgotten. During the journey that she undertakes in search of her son, she once again experiences the freedom and fatigue of long walks, the benefits of the absorbent waters of a lake, the touch of the sun and the cold of those Andean regions on her skin. The film takes the time to detail and share with us this return to life, which is a return to nature. Temporary accommodation and occasional work mark the progress of the trip. Nothing else seems to exist (more) than the present of this body and the spaces through which it walks. But it is because it is kept out of the field that the past gradually takes up more and more space. Deafening silence, it is at the origin of everything that is seen and experienced here. A way, subtle and powerful at the same time, to approach the years of violence without falling into the complacency of its representation.


Director: Luis Basurto
Genre: Drama
Original title: El Viaje Macho
Country of production: Peru
Year of production: 2016
Length: 82 min
Color: Color
Shooting format: HD/4K
Screening format: DCP 
Original language: Spanish, Quechua
Subtitles: English, French




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